The Mood Swing is a claymation project I did as a group project as a part of the stopmotion course at NID. It shows a bully trying to play on a swing, except the swing is trying to play with him instead.

Set building and character construction process images and production still.
The character, Bull, being made. I used aluminium wire, thermocol and m-seal to block out the basic skeleton of the character. I then used foam, masking tape and paper clay to add mass and facial features to Bull.
I used a needle to bring out the hair texture on the paper clay.
I then used acrylic paints to paint Bull's face and modelling clay to make his hands. Two of my friends Pragya Kain and Mani Barla helped me to make these tiny clothes out of felt and cotton for Bull. 
Nishlesh Patil
Shivatmika Lala
Abhilekh Nagar

Vaibhav Kumaresh
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