Long Boi.

Fan art for Jared Leto's version of the Joker (DC Comics). 
A family of strange creatures.
A poster for my friends, Kratu and Kalp, for their pre-diploma/graduation work display.
A poster for my Product Design counterparts at NID. It was made for their course display of an important course, Form-1. 
A poster for a gig performed by my band, GOAT, in college. We performed old, retro Bollywood songs and hence the characterisation of the band members is done according to one iconic character from each song. 
A poster for my friend, Nihar Desai, for his diploma film, Paperboat Sailor. This visual was inspired by a poster made for the film, Life of Pi.

A random illustration of my favorite band, Pink Floyd. I made this while listening to their track, Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
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